“I wanted to create an environment of respect and love for these cars. It's not just a garage, its a studio, where your car is handled with white glove care."

Ferrati 512TR ECU Cover

Just finished up this ECU (behind the seat) cover for a customers 512TR that was missing one. Instead of looking for an expensive replacement, this was created using a piece of sheet metal and metal bender. This identical replica should hold up better then the original. It was professionally upholstered in black leather to finish […]

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Ferrari 512BB Fuel Filler Pipe Repair

The fuel filler pipe was damaged on a customers 512BB. This resulted in a half point deduction whenever the car was being judged at events. The customer sent us the pipe so that we could restore it to near-new condition. We can repair most dents or damage to rare, hard to find parts that are […]

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